App "Chaining" - combining mini games into a "day of education"

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We don't intend to write every single "app".  We've provided our "say" app as an example ( to inspire others to think about how they can use html / javascript (i.e. HTML 5)  (and php for the server backend) to create web based interactive games that teachers/educators/parents can create their own "levels/maps" for (in the say demo you just add a folder of image files with each of the filename of the image the text you want to say as the question)

The other part of the answer is creating an ability to "chain" / combine these various apps into a day of education.

Yes we could leave it to the kids to pick their games; and depending on the child access to a "apps page" like the typical android home screen could be available; but for educational purposes it would be better if there was structure to the order of events.

That's where the idea of chaining comes in.