Our "Stack" - Our Recipe for a Hotspot School

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What makes up a Hotspot School?

We want to maximise flexibility.

At the end of the day for us Hotspot School is about making resources available to students over a network connection.

Examples of resources may includegames, media and content streaming directly over a wireless network, or provision of a library of apps that can play offline.

There is a limit to the amount of content you can store on a tablet/smartphone.  However external hard drives and the like provide a much larger repository for educational content storage - in other words a local library. Which is one of the reasons we think there should be a "center" to the classroom.

This center also serves as one of the places where student identity, activity, results, progress etc can be managed/distributed from.

So our recipe is something like this:


Hotspot School Recipe:

1. Webserver Hardware

2. Webserver Software - Allows HTML/Javascript (HTML 5) files to work 

3. Scripting Language Support (e.g. PHP)

4. Data Storage (e.g. MySQL, file based)

5. Network access (e.g. WiFi, Mesh)

6. Client Device (Tablet/Smartphone with Web Browser)

An example of ingredients you could use to bake the recipe with could be as follows:

Example Hotspot School Ingredients

1. Webserver Hardware: Raspberry Pi (with NOOBS)

2. Webserver Software: Apache

3. Scripting Language: PHP 5

4. Data Storage: MySQL and File based (Samba and Apple friendly file sharing)

5. Network Access: Standard home router setup as an open network for ease of access.

6. Client Device/s: Galaxy Duo (Android Phone) / Kindle Fire / iPad / Galaxy Note 10.1

Now the constraints of the XPrize guidlines currently require an alternative approach:

XPrize Configuration of Ingredients

1. Webserver Hardware: Android Device that user is operating on.

2. Webserver Software: Android Webserver (Based on apache or the like)

3. Scripting Software: PHP 5 compiled for Android webserver

4. Data Storage: MySQL compiled for Android

5. Network Access: ??? XPrize have not made it clear yet how networking will be work

6. Client Device: Android Tablet (device identity yet to be advised)