It's about Feedback Loops / Iteration / DevOps - Calling for Pilot sites now!

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We want to get Hotspot School out there as quickly as possible into the hands of our community and we want to harness the feedback and input of the community in an iterative, positive feedback loop.  

If you're looking for a technical term for our approach then have a look at what Wikpedia has to say about "DevOps". [ ]

In our case the "business" is our community and "IT" is the people working on making Hotspot School happen.

From a project lifecycle perspective you can expect the following stages:


1. Understand (Analysis, discussion, stakeholder engagement, prioritisation of wishlist)

2. Create (Develop software, create content, document, internal testing)

3. Trial (Expert review, pilots, community review)

4. Deploy (To actual classrooms and communities)

5. Measure / Evaluate / Review (Measure student progress, usage and performance - identify support and maintenance issues - take stock of lessons learnt)

6. Iterate ( Go back to Go and start again based on what we now know and the capabilities now available)

~ Support / Maintain / Train (a concurrent activity that starts pretty much from the get go)

Ideally we want to get this feedback loop down to a month - initially we expect it to take much longer.

But in short - we won't be waiting till the close of the first round to start putting Hotspot School into classrooms - we need to start learning about what works and doesn't work before the end of the Global Learning XPrize.

In other words - we're not expecting to put up a "design" for review by the judges; we're expecting to display our lessons learnt and a working / in use solution.

To do that we're looking now for communities and schools that would like to be involved in the first 18 months of development and trialing our approach to the appliction of technology to classrooms; be it in the developing world, homeschools/distance education or just a typical urban school.

If you'd like to find out more then feel free to contact us to register your interest!